Rob Papen releases BLUE 1.7 free update

Rob has some great news for you today, BLUE 1.7 has been released and it is a stunning free ‘update’. Rob has added some great new features and also 400 new presets! The synths are known for their ‘floating’ factor. Which means that they always pop-up in many tracks. But BLUE 1.7 is also proofs that this synth offers excellent value for money.

– increased Audio Quality with less CPU usage!

Main envelopes (Oscillators, Filter A and B and Volume):
– Fade time shows the time in seconds.
– Highly improved envelope code, making envelopes punchier and removing occasional envelope aliasing noise.

– Sliding in Arp Chord mode possible
– Keyboard entry mode via menu. This allows you to enter the notes in the arp by playing notes.

– Keyboard entry mode via menu. This allows you to enter the notes in the sequencer by playing notes.

FX section:
– Added Ensemble and Compressor effect (NEW)
– Optimized Amp FX (50% less CPU) and to a less extent other effects
– Increase the resolution of the modulating effects (chorus , flanger etc), so to reduce aliasing
– FX commands (NEW), added this allows you to copy, paste, clear, swap, randomize, load & save fx’s.

Global Menu:
– Chord memory (NEW)
This has 4 modes, off, learn, play & alt + strum timing. Allows you record chords in learn mode and then play them back by pressing one note in chord/alt mod. With strum parameter allowing you to set the time offset for each note in the chord. Alt mode alternates the order which these notes are played. Chord memory works in all modes except sequencer (this is strictly mono), though strum timing only works for poly / mono / legato and not with arp-mode. Strum works in Arp Chord mode without having to use the chord mode, just set
the strum time and it’ll work. Of course this might have slightly weird effects if you have long strum times in arp chord mode, because the note might be turned off before it ever starts! However it does produce some interesting sounds
– Unison 2 / 4 / 6 with detuning (NEW), works in all modes including Arp. It only works in a special way, so you can be in 6 unison mode and still 16 voice’s, and it’s much less CPU then a classic unison.
– Oversampling 16x added

Back panel
– Computer keyboard up/down keys on/off
– Bank warning on/off controls
– ESC option to work in “Global mode”

– More then 400 new presets, using of course also the new features like “chord memory”, “unison” and the “EnsembleFX”.

Rob Papen

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