TC Electronic Powercore update to version 3.0

PowerCore 3.0 is the biggest update yet to the PowerCore software package. It is a free update to all PowerCore customers with lots of enhancements and new features based upon a great deal of input from our users.

PowerCore 3.0 features all new user interfaces to 1 optional and 5 included plug-ins:
– MasterX3
– MasterX5 (optional)
– MegaReverb
– PowerCore CL
– VoiceStrip

PowerCore FireWire, PowerCore Compact, PowerCore PCI mkII and PowerCore Express deliver an array of powerful tools right out of the box. The virtual processors that are included with these hardware choices feature the most complete collection of versatile processing available. Please note that PowerCore Unplugged is the same piece of hardware as PowerCore PCI mkII but without the included plug-ins.

This update is available for PowerCore Element, PCI, PCI mkII, Express, Unplugged, Compact, FireWire and X8.

TC Electronic

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