Image Line working hard on FL Studio 8

Over at ‘Create Digital Music’, Peter Kirn had an interview with Didier Dambrin, Image-Line’s lead programmer talking about FL Studio 8, which is in full development now.

This new version will released to the public gradually through update versions, starting with a beta build “7.4”.

According to CDM the most interesting features will be:
“The new features are FL’s combination of sublimely powerful tools and oddly superfluous toys. In the toys category: a live audio visualization you can float around your screen. In the sublime category: a new beat slicer that takes Edison several leaps further. Beat slices are MIDI assignable, filters and such are already available, and … well, it’s rather hard to describe, but it’s all put together in a Fruity way that makes it compelling. The other revelation was that the cult-hit SynthMaker VST creation tool is now being licensed by Image-Line for inclusion with FL Studio.”

More details and availability is yet to be revealed but it sure has triggered our interest, to say the least.


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