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At this year’s NAMM, SM Pro Audio released several new additions to their product line. The new HP6E multi-channel headphone amplifier, the PR8DS remote controllable multi-channel microphone preamplifier and the new iNano passive volume control are being showcased at the NAMM 2008.

Simply stated, the HP6E is a high-quality, powerful, flexible, and reliable six (6) channel headphone amplifier housed in a sturdy 1RU 19” standard rack-mountable metal chassis.

The HP6E boasts a variety of improvements over the original HP6 including improved frequency response, additional power, digital control of input selection, and a fifth mix input. Built in flash memory has also been added to allow for last state memory recall of the input selection for each channel, perfect for saving critical studio time.

The HP6E’s flexible design allows any of the four (4) available audio input source signals can be routed to any of the 6 Class A headphone amps provided on the HP6E. An additional fifth stereo signal can also be mixed into each individual headphone channel. This allows for endless application support including studio monitoring, live monitoring, in ear individual mixing, signal distribution, and more.

· 10 TRS inputs, 5 stereo channels
· 6 class A headphone amplifiers
· Auto sensing switch mode power supply
· Built in flash memory for last state memory recall
· Mix control for each amplifier output
· Nominal output @ 32Ohm 600mw per channel
· Frequency response @100mw output 20Hz-20kHz +- 0.3 dB
· THD @300mw less then 0.02%

The PR8DS is a professional multi-channel pre-amp designed for applications where remote control is desired. Based on our best selling PR8E, the PR8DS features 8 channels of high-quality balanced microphone pre-amplification with independent 48v phantom power and peak led indicators. Analog connectivity is provided by way of 8 x balanced/unbalanced combo connector inputs on the front panel and 8 x balanced analog outputs (D-sub 25) on the rear.

The system is controlled via the standard RS232 interface implemented on the rear panel. RS232 command information is provided in the manual to allow user programming of compatible RS232 command devices. Independent remote control of channel gain and phantom power is provided in addition to the ability to receive peak indicator information feedback to the remote control device.

SM Pro Audio’s own RCA V1.0 software (Remote control application, Windows only) ships with the unit and allows full control and peak feedback information across all channels. A stand-alone hardware RS232 controller is planned for release in Q3 2008.

Remote control pre-amplifiers enable engineers to shorten microphone cable runs considerably, helping to reduce the audible effects that occur along with reduced microphone sensitivity, changes in frequency, and phase. Shorter cable runs also help reduce phantom power voltage loss and eliminate additional audible effects from cable movement. Remote pre-amps are also well suited for use with digital snake systems. Microphone inputs cannot be sent down the digital snake without prior pre-amplification. Remote pres allow the engineer to control and monitor gain from a distance. There is no need for a secondary engineer to reside along side the stage box and monitor the preamp.

All housed in a sturdy 1RU external chassis, the PR8DS is shielded from any stray electrical interference and built for road use. Robust connectors are provided for all inputs and outputs.

A compact pure passive volume control to help get the best from any system! A great way to passively attenuate stereo signals from computers, soundcards, CD players, pre-amps, and mixers, the iNano allows precise level adjustment to analog audio source material. Featuring balanced combo XLR/TRS and 3.5mm input jacks and TRS and 3.5mm outputs, mute switch, and a good sized rotary volume encoder, the iNano is simply one of the most affordable improvements you could ever make to your desktop studio.

The iNano passive series does not have any active elements, thereby allowing audio signals to be attenuated and mixed together transparently and without coloration. The iNano really comes into its own when connected between your computer audio interface/soundcard master outputs and a pair of active (powered) monitor speakers. One of the benefits of passive volume attenuation is that you no longer have to control volumes with your software’s master volume fader. Reducing levels from your software only reduces the audio bit depth. It is much more appropriate to keep your software masters at unity and attenuate the audio to your active monitors with a passive controller like the iNano. This way you can maintain maximum audio resolution and attenuate your monitoring volume with the confidence that the sonic integrity of your audio is not compromised.

No active circuitry, buffers, transistors, batteries, or power supply of any kind can interfere with the main passive output of the iNano. It simply delivers attenuated signal. Pure, simple, transparent. The iNano is set for release at a list price of USD $69.00

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