Nomad introduces the Analog Strings Station

Nomad Factory and NUSofting Introduce the Analog Strings Station Virtual Instrument. Nomad Factory and NUSofting are proud to announce their collaboration in creating top-of-the-line virtual instruments. The first announced of this collaboration is the Analog Strings Station, an advanced emulation of vintage electronic keyboards.

The Analog Strings Station (ASS) is an advanced emulation of the vintage electronic keyboards known as “String Ensemble Synthesizers ” or “String Machines”, which where invented around 1970 and became a huge success with the introduction of the Eminent Solina String Ensemble. The ASS project started at NUSofting as a digital model of the Solina and was then extended to a versatile polyphonic synthesizer but still retaining the warm core sound of the vintage string synthesizers.

* Synth Filter:
A multimode resonant filter is featured with his own envelope and LFO modulation, the filter envelope operates in vintage “Paraphonic” mode, it’s one filter for all voices but it reacts dynamically to the number and the volume of the voices played. Additionally a HP filter is featured, (Lo Cut), to improve the modulation thru the effects section. On the main panel an effective 3 band EQ is also featured.

* The ARP panel:
On this panel a classic analog style Arpeggiator and a stereo “Step Gate Sequencer” is featured. The combination of these performance tools allows a great range of creative possibilities: real-time creation of complex rhythmic figures for high strings or basses.

* The Effects Panel:
The Effects Panel includes five vintage analog effect processors:
* 1 – Tremolux :
The Tremolux brings back the successful tremolo effects of the ’60s plus multi-dimensional auto-pan effects. The Tremolux features LFO Rate, Depth, Mode (mono/stereo – tremolo/pan) controls. The LFO Rate can be controled by the host application using the Sync control.

* 2 – LoFi-Tron :
With the LoFi-Tron effect, you get that authentic saturation effect found in many vintage tube amplifiers with the distinctive tonal quality that only a real tube can deliver, bringing vintage sound back to life letting you take off with anything from warm overdrive to heavy distortion.

The Drive, Color and Gain controls are provided for awesome sound shaping as well as the 3 positions switch Mode which provides additional sounding from M-Tron-tape-style to heavy saturation.

* 3 – Phaser / Flanger :
Authentic vintage phase shifting and flanging effects, from rapid rotary speaker to deep jet plane effects, there is no matter what phasing-flanging effects you are looking for, the Phaser-Flanger is designed to make getting there easier!

* Phaser or Flanger switch mode
* Color switch for fine-tuning of tone effects
* HiPass and LoPass filters which allows infinite sounding possibilities
* Level control
* LFO with Rate and Depth
* Feedback (Resonance)
* Width control

* 4 – 3D Delays:
Based on the Blue Tubes Tempo Delays DL3D, the 3D Delays is a tempo-driven delay effect with a classic analog sound. Simply sync the tempo of the song, and select the note value corresponding to the desired delay time. This delay provides three separate channels. Using the Pan controls, you can pan all three delay channels to the center, or spread the channels out across the stereo field (left, center, right). Level controls set the levels for each channel individually. Also featured, LoPass and HiPass filters gives endless possibilities and vintage sounding.

* bpm Tempo sync
* All the 3 delays use individual Level and Pan controls
* Delay time selectable by notes
* Global Feedback control
* LP and HP filters

* 5 – Stereo Imager:
The Stereo Imager provides control over the width of the stereo field. This graphically striking device enables you to “visualize” the width of the stereo sound stage. Using the same technology used for the Blue Tubes Stereo Imager, the ASS Stereo Imager gives you a simple way to enlarge the spread of the global stereo width.

* Routing:
Let you select the effects order, 4 modes are available:
1. Tremolux > LoFi-Tron > Phaser/Flanger > 3D Delays > Stereo Imager
2. Phaser/Flanger > 3D Delays > Tremolux > LoFi-Tron > Stereo Imager
3. 3D Delays > LoFi-Tron > Phaser/Flanger > Tremolux > Stereo Imager
4. LoFi-Tron > Phaser/Flanger > 3D Delays > Tremolux > Stereo Imager

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