reFX NEXUS 1.3.8 available

NEXUS is a next generation rom synthesizer of the highest quality. reFX have released update version 1.3.8. of this VSTi plug-in.


* Expansions are now checked for integrity before importing, so the error-messages displayed are unambiguous now.
* NEXUS automatically switches to the “Live”-screen when an online-update is available to avoid confusion and display the download-progress.
* Sustain-pedal is handled better now. If you hold down the pedal and re-press the same keys already playing, the old notes are released and the ‘new’ notes are played as they should.

* On OSX the import-path could get mangled and thus newly imported expansions would not always work.
* Fixed a deadlock when Renoise ‘suspended’ NEXUS and a new preset was loaded.
* Fixed a memory leak when unloading a NEXUS instance.
* Code clean-up. Fixed several uninitialzed variables.

* Replaced font-render routine with a more readable and cleaner LCD-subpixel algorithm. Takes a bit getting used to, but after a while it grows on you.
* Optimized the sample-player to kill voices earlier when the sample finished playing.
* Prevented the import of expansions as long as the content-path has not been determined.
* RTAS support has been removed completely. It was never officially supported by reFX and created a LOT of problems. It took us several months to implement and in the end the results where not satisfactionary. Also the demand is a lot lower than anticipated.


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