SampleTank YE bundled with Yamaha MIDI Controllers/Workstations

IK Multimedia is pleased to announce that a special edition of IK Multimedia’s SampleTank, with sounds from over $3500 worth of IK’s awardwinning virtual instrument products, such as Miroslav Philharmonik , SampleMoog, Sonik Synth 2, SampleTron, Studiophonik and SampleTank 2.5, will come bundled inside the Yamaha X-Factor DVD, which ships with all Yamaha music production products, including Yamaha’s KX Series MIDI controllers, Motif XS Series Synthesizers, Mo Series Synthesizers, MM6, S-Series Synthesizers, MW, N and 0 Series Mixers and more.

“IK is proud to offer Yamaha users a special version of SampleTank that comes stocked with a selection of sounds from all of our award-winning virtual instrument libraries. Giving them our powerful flagship workstation will provide a strong foundation of sounds and the flexibility to craft music for every style and genre”, Enrico Iori, CEO of IK Multimedia.

SampleTank 2 is a multi-award-winning, comprehensive tool for music production, providing a wide range of sounds and an extensive amount of built-in effects, making it an incredibly useful sample workstation. It provides all the necessary tools for composing and producing right out of the box. Used on hundreds of Grammy® award-winning songs and Oscar® winning movie production scores, SampleTank has become a tool of choice for all genres of composers, producers and musicians in all styles of media.

Registering IK’s SampleTank YE also qualifies users to receive up to 40% off all of IK’s essential music production tools, making them eligible for the IK Crossgrade Policy.

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