Tone2 Gladiator for Mac released

The Mac version of Gladiator is now available. It is available as universal binary for Intel Mac and Power PC. Gladiator supports audio unit (AU) and VST 2.4.

Tone2 has enhanced some functionalities and made some improvements:
– Drastically improved time for saving/loading songs in Cubase and other hosts.
– Opening the plugin is 250% faster. When the plugin is started for the first time it creates cache files (.1 .2 .3 .4) within the Gladiator_data directory. These cache files help to improve the performance.
– Drastically reduced the hard disc space for saving songs in Cubase and other hosts (previously 1.5 Mb per instance, now 850 byte).
– Removed a glitch after switching through presets.
– Slightly reduced memory usage.
– LFO1/2 “retrigger off” was renamed to “random phase”
– The word “preprocessing” appears in the HCM windows.
– Improved sound: Very low played oscs have more “treble”.
– Improved sound: IQM light is switched to “light” by default. Gladiator sounds less static.
– Fixed a buffer overflow in the “Time Varismooth” modifier.
– The preset format has changed: Hosts save in chunk format now (fxb/fxp). Gladiator presets are now glp/glb files.


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