URS announces URS Saturation plug-in for Mac OSX Au and VST

The URS Saturation plug-in digitally recreates four different and distinct pre amplifiers each featuring: a different type of input stage saturation, even and odd ordered harmonics and soft clipping.

URS Saturation Plug-in:
* Four Vintage Pre Amplifier Algorithms
* Even and Odd Ordered Harmonics
* Tube and Discrete Analog Saturation
* Soft Clipping
* Native Support Only – Audio Units and VST

The initial four Pre Amplifiers models include:
* Class A Tube Mic Pre Amplifier – Vintage Motorcity
* Class A Tube Mic Pre Amplifier – German
* Class A Discrete Pre Amplifier – British
* Class A Discrete JFet Pre Amplifier – Modern

Native Support only, the URS Saturation plug-in currently supports Audio Units and VST for both Mac OSX.

*RTAS is currently supported with a VST to RTAS Wrapper only (not included). Requirements:
MacIntosh, Mac OSX 10.2.1 or greater. VST for WinXP, Vista to be released soon.


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