VTAPE 1.1. the Analog Tape Suite got a new baby

To make their set of tape plugins more complete Virsyn have added a Tape Flanger plugin simulating the playback of two tape machines running at slightly different speed. In addition to this new plugin they also updated Saturator and Delay to version 1.1.

What’s new in VTAPE 1.1.0:
New Plugin “Flanger”:
– Manual tape flanging simulation.
– Authentic “through zero” Flanging.
– Unique stereo flanging mode.

– RTAS/AudioUnit Mono versions of Saturator.

– Mac/Digital Performer: Settings lost on render to file.
– Latency compensation now working.
– “Kill” Parameter now automatable.
– Sync button state was not saved.
– Save button – Enter key no longer required.
– AudioUnit: GUI problem with more than 16 instances.
– RTAS: Automation with SATURATOR working now.


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