Kenton release Merge 4

Leading electronics experts Kenton are well known for their rock-solid products that form the hub of many a recording studio worldwide. Now with the introduction of the Merge 4 theyre ensuring MIDI merge capabilities are within the reach of those on even the tightest budgets.

As far as the Merge 4 goes it really doesn’t get more straightforward – take four opto-isolated MIDI Ins, merge the four streams of data and deliver the combined results to two MIDI Outs (both carry identical MIDI data).

The Merge 4 is simplicity itself, so once you’ve set it up and plugged in (using the supplied power supply) you can forget that it’s even there.

Who’s it for? The Merge 4 is the perfect MIDI accessory for anyone needing a hassle-free way to get multiple MIDI signals into your system. It’s light, compact and robust, so is perfect for both studio and live use.

The Merge 4 is the only solution for anyone wanting to combine several MIDI sources without using a computer. Why bother with complicated computer-controlled MIDI routing when you can have this 4 x In, 2 x Out MIDI solution for less than £75?

Kenton Electronics – when you need solutions you can trust.

Kenton Merge 4 specs:
4 x opto-isolated MIDI Ins and 2 MIDI Outs.
Powered from a mains adaptor (wall wart), so simply fit and forget.
4 x MIDI In
2 x MIDI OUT (both carry identical MIDI data)
Merges all MIDI data – including SysEx and Clock
DC power input jack 2.1mm (centre +ve)
Power indicator light
9V unregulated power supply included (UK, EU and USA types available)
We automatically ship the correct power supply for the destination country.
Housed in a metal box so it can withstand the knocks.
Finished in brushed aluminium with black screen print
Dimensions: 110 x 80 x 35mm.
Weight: 700g (including power supply)

Price: £74.97 (inc VAT)

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