Plogue releases Bidule version 0.9650

Bidule is the brainchild of Plogue Art et Technologie, Bidule is a cross-platform application that is gaining recognition world-wide as the new standard in modular music software. Version 0.9650 has just been released.

New Features:
* Audio File Recorder: added option to record to multiple stereo files.
* CC Latch bidule.
* Group Manager: now allows multiple selection for download/delete of groups.
* HID Extractor: on loading a file, now tries to at least match the device type if the device isn’t present.
* Note Latch bidule.
* OS X: Cmd-W can now be used to close bidule/plugin windows.
* OS X: virtual MIDI ports created by Bidule can be renamed.
* OS X: added support for MIDI devices renaming callback.
* SDK: added opcode to rename I/Os.
* VST: will show I/O configurations for plugins supporting speaker arrangements (VST rescan needed).
* Windows: some MME/DS drivers should show now show up with multiple channels instead of only stereo.
* plus many more little improvements.

Bug Fixes:
* Audio File Player UI slider not directly going back to start on Home.
* Dropping bgrp files in the patchbay should add the group, not import its contents in the current layout.
* Group/layout(manual) save in plugin mode not saving parameter links.
* Group: reducing the number of outputs could lead to a crash if there were passthrough connections.
* Keyswitch bidule corrupts some MIDI messages.
* Linked Audio File Player Play parameter could prevent “slaved” files to finish playing correctly.
* MIDI file player doesn’t close notes when seeking.
* MIDI file recorder when synced starts a bar too late.
* MIDI voice counter sometimes doesn’t reset to 0 although there are no voices currently opened.
* Mouse moves sometimes causes unintended selection move.
* Offline mode freezing single-core/cpu machines running Leopard.
* OSC Creator: doesn’t allow to send messages without arguments.
* OSC Extrator: messages are lost if multiple messages are sent to the same address between two audio callbacks.
* OSC Extractor/MIDI: don’t work if OSC Server is started after adding either to the layout.
* OS X : accentuated chars in bidule/group/connector names aren’t saved correctly.
* OS X : some media files refusing to load based on some characters in their paths and/or names.
* Plugin version: sound becomes distorted in some variable buffer size cases.
* Polyphonic Adapter: reducing the number of voices could lead to a crash.
* ReWire device not working with Cubase 4.1.
* Sync Transport not working correctly with Sync To MIDI Clock on pause/restart.
* VST version: not working with Sound Forge and Wavelab.
* plus many more fixes.

Plogue Bidule

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