Blue Cat Audio Digital Peak Meter Pro 3.0 Unleashed

The new generation of Blue Cat’s Peak Meter Pro is now available, including many new features and enhancements, such as K-System scales support, many workflow improvements, mid-side capabilities. It now replaces Blue Cat’s Widening Meter Pro.

New in Blue Cat’s Digital Peak Meter Pro 3.0:
* New user interface design.
* Bob Katz’s K-System scales support (K-12 / K-14 / K-20).
* You can now blend RMS and Peak envelopes for the tranformed output.
* New mid-side mode: you can now easily switch from Left-Right to Mid-Side stereo mode for instant mono compatibility check.
* Average values display.
* The output envelope can now be a combination of the peak and RMS envelopes.
* Main MIDI settings are now available from the main panel.
* Undo/Redo support.
* Import/Export presets in a host independent format and share them between the directX and VST versions.
* Window Opacity Management: make the plugin window transparent and see behind.
* New toolbar to access main functionalities.
* Main MIDI settings are now available from the plugin user interface.
* Curves are now anti-aliased.
* Improved the display of parameters values in the MIDI settings panel and the host application.
* Improved graphs refresh rate.
* Reduced memory consumption when using several instances.
* Improved Skins loading performance.
* Default values for MIDI controllers have been changed to be more convenient.
* Blue Cat’s Skinning Language 1.4.2 support.

Don’t miss our special introduction price that will be available until the end of the month: download the demo right now! An upgrade offer is also available for existing customers.

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