Free Nord Modular Editor

The Nord Modular Editor project is a group of enthusiastic developers that developed an opensource editor for your Nord Modular. Yesterday version 0.3 has been pre-released.

From the electro-music forum:
The second release of Nomad – Nord Modular Editor is finally out. After 1.5 years of developing since the first release we are happy to announce that Nomad is almost feature complete.

Apart from the basic things we implemented some new features to improve the experience with the editor:
– embedded file browser
– macros: create tiny template patches which can be inserted into other patches
– module transformation: transform a module into another without loosing parameter values and connections
– randomizer: randomize the parameters of a patch or a set of modules
– arbitrary number of Nord Modular/Micro Modular synthesizers supported

– Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0
– platform: platform independent

For support, questions, bug reports or anything else visit their forum.

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