Rayzoon releases BonzoPak

Rayzoon is proud to announce that BonzoPak, a sound/style expansion Pak for Jamstix 2, is now available. This is a meticulously recorded Ludwig Maple kit with head selection and tuning based on the habits of John Bonham. We even included the kit played with mallets as well as snare wires off. A great part of the big sound is the 17″ high recording room we used but, thanks to the controllable ambience, users can also dial it down to get a drier, tighter sound.

The Pak also includes 10 new Jamstix styles based on famous rhythms. As always, one can combine styles, drummers and sounds in many ways within Jamstix 2 to achieve an enormous array of grooves and sounds.

– 990MB of Ludwig Maple drums and Paiste 2002 cymbals
– everything is big, including 26″ kick, 18″ tom, 15″ hihats and 24″ ride cymbal
– specially set-up Supraphonic snare with extra-wide strands and coated resonant head
– recorded in a 17′ high room for massive (but always adjustable) ambience
– up to seven velocity layers with three alternate hits per layer
– five degrees of hihat openness
– includes stick-played kit as well as a mallet-played kits
– single output and multi-output kits with ready-to-go Jamstix EQ and compression settings
– can be used with any other Jamstix 2 style, e-drumkits or traditionally via MIDI by the host
– includes 10 new Jamstix styles modeled after famous rhythms of the 70s


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