TC Electronic releases G-System Software version 3.0

G-System is the worlds first complete high quality floor based Guitar System. Delivering a complete and uncompromised package of effects, control and integration, no other product will match the flexibility or the quality of the G-System.

New features:
– Editor
The G-System editor adds further versatility to your G-system. Tweak, store and pick the perfect presets for that upcoming gig – all from one intuitive editor screen.

– Modulated Delay
Modulated delay has been the number one request from G-System users ever since it first came out… and now it’s here! G-System software 3.0 features a new routing option (Serial2) that places the entire modulation block in a send-return of the delay block. This gives you unprecedented control over the modulation effect you want on your delay.

– Faster Compressor Attack time
The minimum attack time for the compressor is now 0.3ms for those who can’t enough of that classic squashed sound.

– Assign Preset to Switch
This feature allows you to assign a specific preset to any switch. No matter bank you’re in G-System will go to that preset and will even stay in the original bank.

– Mod Master
When switching to a preset this parameter lets you choose whether G-System should use the current value of an expression pedal or the value stored in the preset.

– Improved Expression Pedal response
– Improved MIDI Clock Sync
– Faster glider times on output level parameters

TC Electronic

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