FXpansion Introduce BFD Big Orchestral Marching Band

FXpansion is proud to introduce the newest addition to the BFD expansion pack range, BFD Big Orchestral Marching Band.

BFD Big Orchestral Marching Band is a spectacular new expansion pack for BFD 1.5 and BFD2, delivering a heavy payload of orchestral and marching drum instruments to your percussive arsenal.

Feature highlights include:
– Expansion pack for BFD1.5 & BFD2 with 38GB of new sounds
– Set of four timpani covering 1.5 octaves, each pitch recorded with felt and wood mallets
– Full set of orchestral chimes covering 1.5 octaves
– 4 tonal bass drums with multiple beaters
– Concert bass drums including a 40″ played with three different beaters
– Marching quad toms played with sticks, mallets, and hotrods
– 7 marching and orchestral snares played with sticks, brushes, mallets, and hotrods
– Groove suite featuring drum-corps and marching performances, hip-hop street beats and more


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