SampleTron from IK Multimedia now shipping

SampleTron, the highly anticipated addition to IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality’s Sonik Instruments line of workstations is now shipping.

This easy-to-use, sample-based virtual instrument plug-in for every popular DAW and also as a standalone application for MAC and PC includes a massive library of over 2 GB of sounds, 640 presets and 260 multi-samples from 17 rare and vintage Mellotrons®, Chamberlins™, and their derivatives like the Optigan™, Rhythmaster™. SampleTron not only highlights the classic vintage sound of these unique instruments, but also goes far beyond by combining it with the modern technology and sound shaping controls of the SampleTank engine.

Jam-packed with unprecedented instruments originally used by The Beatles, Moody Blues, Genesis, Yes and other famous bands from the 60’s and 70’s, the sounds in SampleTron are diverse, powerful and inspiring! Now, special “Tron” sounds have transcended into all styles and genres of music over the years – widely used by modern artists like Kanye West, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins and Beck.

Get the most complete and useful library of “Tron” instruments’ samples in one package, constructed of sounds based on the following instruments*:
• Mellotron® M400
• Mellotron® MK5
• Mellotron® MKII
• Mellotron® Powerhouse (8 Track Rhythm Machine)
• Novatron®
• Vako Orchestron®
• Optigan™
• Talentmaker™
• Chamberlin™ Music Master 600
• Chamberlin™ Music Master 400
• Chamberlin™ Model 200
• Chamberlin™ M1
• Chamberlin™ M4
• Chamberlin™ Rhythmate™
• 360 Systems® “Digital Tron”
• Roland® VP-330 (Choir)
• Stylophone®

No other product gives you the ability to manipulate, process and stretch such gritty, emotional and quirky Lo-Fi sounds like SampleTron. It offers powerful creativity with 32 built-in effects, the ability to use 4 effects per part, IK’s exclusive STRETCH™ and synth algorithms, and 4 “Tron” specific controls for fast and flexible creativity. Transport exceptional vintage sounds into your studio with must-have virtual instrument control options, such as special “loop” and “non-loop” modes for greater flexibility and authenticity, over 50 synth controls to tweak, one-click sound browsing, real-time harmonic manipulation of the waves and fast loading samples for studio or playing live.

• 16 part multi-timbral sample-based synth, allows extremely complex synth layering and advanced manipulation possibilities
• 3 synth engines can be switched on the fly: traditional Resampling, Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch, and IK’s newly enhanced STRETCH™ engine
• Built-in multi-effects with 4 effects per part selectable on 32 high-quality DSP effects
• Over 50 synth controls with Mono/Poly/Legato modes with selectable Legato, 2 LFOs, 2 Envelopes, syncable LBF/BPF/HPF Filters, Velocity, Range and Macro controls
• Sounds can be read by SampleTank and can be used to expand its world of sounds
• Works as a standalone application as well as a plug-in in Mac OS X (Universal Binary), and Windows (XP / Vista)

Pricing and Availability:
SampleTron has a list price of €249/$329.99 and is available from all IK dealers and resellers, and also in the IK online store. A reduced price version is available as a crossgrade to any registered IK user as part of IK’s “Crossgrade for ALL”policy, for only €199.99/$269.99.

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