Sugar Bytes Effectrix update released

Effectrix is a new kind of Effect Instrument, which gives you a complete laboratory for extraordinary sound creations. Break your beats, create pulsing athmospheres, psychedelic sound mutations, crush, stretch, loop and reorganize any kind of audiomaterial in realtime and enjoy a never ending depth of inspiration with this innovative and intuitive tool brought to you by Sugar Bytes.

Sugar Bytes presents an Effectrix 1.0.1 update. This version fixes all known bugs and contains a lot of improvements.

The list of fixes and improvements are:
-Vowel Mode fixed in Filter Effect
-FL Studio problems fixed
-Rtas Wrapper problems fixed
-Tempo control recall fixed
-Decay mode fixed in Looper Effects
-Size display fixed in Looper Effects
-Dry/Wet leveling improved in Looper Effects
-Retrigger behavior improved (now retriggers on seq-wraparound)
-Bypass fixed in Audio Unit
-Monotrack compatibility for Audio Unit
-Sync behavior improved in Stutter Effect
-Stop Mode improved in Vinyl Effect
-Wavescope fixed
-Grafical improvements

Sugar Bytes

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