DigiDesign Transfuser VSTi preview

Digidesign is excited to introduce the Transfuser Preview, a free three-month prerelease version of Transfuser, a brand new, upcoming RTAS virtual instrument plug-in for Pro Tools from the Digidesign Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group.

Transfuser is an innovative, real-time loop, phrase, and groove creation workstation that allows you to quickly and easily create, manipulate, and perform loop- and rhythm-based music on the fly. Ideal for electronic, hip-hop, and dance music production, remixing, and anyone working with loops, Transfuser comes packed with a variety of loops and phrases to get you started creating right away. It also offers a great way to quickly and easily modify your existing loop libraries to breathe new life into your creations.

* Easily develop and tweak grooves on the fly within Pro Tools
* Offers unique tools for working with audio files, including:
o Real-time slicing and tagging of loops
o Automatic conversion of loops into
MIDI patterns/drum kits
o Sound replacement in existing loops on the fly
* Musically intelligent randomization of loops for instantly crafting variations on a whim
* Offers a wide range of real-time effects for electronic, hip-hop, and dance music creation
* Includes a variety of loops and phrases, and breathes new life into existing loop libraries
* Supports full drag and drop of Pro Tools regions and audio files from your computer browser
* Powerful live performance-oriented features allow for both creative arranging and performing of grooves


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