NI announces two new Guitar Rig versions

Native Instruments today announced GUITAR RIG SESSION and GUITAR RIG 3 XE.

GUITAR RIG SESSION is a new recording solution for guitarists, bass players and songwriters that provides studio-quality results at an entry-level price. Offering the acclaimed sonic power and ease-of-use of the award-winning GUITAR RIG platform, and equipped with a specially designed audio interface and additional recording software, GUITAR RIG SESSION is a versatile toolkit to create guitar-driven music of any style.

At the heart of GUITAR RIG SESSION is the new GUITAR RIG 3 XE software, which offers a selection of five true-to-life tube amplifier models and 12 cabinet types, as well as 21 stomp boxes and effect units. All components can be freely combined in the virtual GUITAR RIG rack, allowing musicians to easily create sounds ranging from authentic signature tones to totally unique sonic flavors. A library with over 150 instantly playable tones from different musical eras and genres is included, together with several helpful
tools including dual tape-decks, metronome, tuner, and a dedicated Live View.

The crucial link between the instrument and the computer is established with the included SESSION I/O, a new USB 2.0 stereo audio interface specifically designed for guitarists. Two high-quality instrument preamps and studio-grade 24bit/192kHz Cirrus Logic audio converters enable pristine audio quality, while low-latency drivers provide excellent feel and responsiveness under all conditions. With an additional microphone input and headphone output, the compact and rugged SESSION I/O offers everything necessary to turn a Windows or Macintosh computer into a full guitar or bass setup.

GUITAR RIG SESSION also includes the powerful 64-track music sequencer Cubase 4 LE, as well as the KORE PLAYER software instrument combined with the versatile POP DRUMS acoustic drum library providing a complete creative arsenal to record and produce music on any computer.

GUITAR RIG 3 XE, a new version of its award-winning GUITAR RIG software that marks the ideal entry into computer-based guitar recording. Offering an essential arsenal of emulated gear at an especially affordable price, GUITAR RIG 3 XE is specifically designed for modern guitarists who want to perform and record with uncompromising audio quality regardless of their budget.

Based on Native Instruments’ acclaimed Dynamic Tube Response Technology, GUITAR RIG 3 XE provides the same outstanding tonal authenticity and enormous “tweakability” as GUITAR RIG 3. A versatile selection of five true-to-life tube amplifier models, 12 classic cabinet types and 21 different effect units offers a wide range of sonic possibilities, all
accessible through GUITAR RIG’s typical “virtual rack”. This allows users to freely mix and match the individual components, and create a nearly unlimited range of tones and effect treatments for guitar, bass, vocals or any other kind of real-time or recorded audio material.

Other practical features of GUITAR RIG 3 XE include dual tape decks, metronome, tuner, a special Live View for stage use, and a convenient preset database that comes with more than 150 ready-to-play guitar tones accommodating all kinds of playing styles and musical genres.

GUITAR RIG SESSION will be available in June 2008 for a suggested retail price of EUR 229. GUITAR RIG 3 XE will be available in June 2008 for a suggested retail price of EUR 99.

Native Instruments

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