Akai MPD 32 shipping

Akai Professional announces that the MPD32 pad controller is available for purchase.

MPD32 is Akai Professional’s much-anticipated flagship pad controller for musicians and DJs. Using a USB cable to connect to a Mac or PC, MPD32 is perfect for hardware control of popular music programs such as Reason, Ableton Live and GarageBand. MPD32 is the only pad controller to feature Akai Pro’s renowned MPC Note Repeat with swing and gate time parameters.

MPD32 is also the only controller that can also work as a master clock for MIDI sequencers. With the Tap Tempo function, musicians can control tempo in real time during performances. Sixteen velocity and pressure-sensitive genuine MPC pads provide the industry’s finest feel and expression.

Assignable MIDI controllers include eight assignable faders, eight assignable switches, and eight assignable 360-degree knobs. Three selectable control banks extend the number of available faders, buttons and knobs to 24 each for a grand total of 72 controllers. Four pad banks equate to 64 total pads.

MPD32 also features transport controls for interfacing with DAW/sequencing applications like Sonar, Cubase and Logic. MPD32 is a fully programmable controller and multifunctional control surface that fits perfectly within any production or performance environment.

Key features of the MPD32 include:

MIDI-synced note-repeat with MPC swing
Sixteen full-sized, genuine MPC pads with velocity and pressure-sensitive response
Three banks of eight assignable switches, sliders and endless knobs for a total of 72 controllers
Two assignable Foot Switches
One assignable Foot Pedal controller
Large, easy-to-read backlit LCD
Thirty user-definable presets for use with software applications
MMC/MIDI Start/Stop transport buttons
Ableton Live Akai Edition software included
BFD Lite software included

MPD32 is available for purchase now, with an MSRP of $499.00.

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