Eiosis releases the E2Transienter

The E2Transienter brings a unique, simple and powerful approach to transient processing. In fact it is far more than a simple transient designer, and it can be used in many situations, including high demanding mastering jobs.

The E²Transienter is based on a patented architecture and parameter combination, which allows detecting and processing transients independently. You can quickly get a wide range of settings, from simple attack enhancement, to complex mix adjustments thanks to the advanced parameters. The numerous included presets let you easily and immediately get the settings suited to your needs. You can then adjust the parameters to get exactly the sound you are searching for.

# Separate attack detection and attack processing
# Precise and reactive, level independent attack detection
# Zero Delay processing
# Sidechain filter with Low Cut and High Cut filters, or a Bandpass filter
# More than 350 presets for easy and efficient instant use for all kinds of tracks


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