Aurora open source DJ/MIDI controller

Aurora is a usb powered multichannel mixer in a typical dj form factor.

The aurora platform is a USB powered dual MCU data acquisition device in a typical DJ form factor.

This open source device incorporates many features commonly missing in commercial MIDI controllers. aurora incorporates vertical and horizontal faders as well as backlit knobs and buttons.

In addition to providing total control of PC MIDI software, aurora enhances the user’s performance using three independent LED drivers control red, green, and blue LEDs mounted to the underside of the PCB for ambient lighting effects. The cost sensitive packaging, and low cost of production make aurora highly competitive with existing commercial models.

aurora is an open source USB midi controller with user controlled ambient RGB illumination. It combines a standard DJ mixer with 18 effects knobs and 6 toggle switches in a form factor of only 7 x 10 inches. We envision the device as an alternative to bulkier, less affordable, less ergonomic commerical MIDI devices. Currently, many commerical controllers are designed with a wide range of applications in mind. For aurora, we wanted to return to the basics.

Many of us have asked for a controller with “two channels and and a cross fader.” These familiar features are included, along with additional knobs and buttons for enhanced control. We believe this arrangement enhances the artist’s creativity and allows for greater control of the software. Using aurora with Ableton Live is a great example of this. Artists have already embraced digital audio and laptop performance. The mixer is designed to be portable. It easily fits in a backpack with your laptop and sound card.

We believe in open source. aurora is designed with this in mind, so essentially anyone can participate in writing firmware or software, or even create their own hardware. In fact, we encourage it, and hope to create a community of users that support this device.

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