Trinity audio group introduces the Indamixx Mobile DAW

Trinity Audio Group announces Indamixx, a full featured hand held studio providing a mobile recording environment, allowing users to record, edit, mix, DJ and publish songs or sound files from the field or on the go.

Ideal for Producers, Remixers, and DJs. Finally, you can take your studio with you! Pre-loaded software, easy updating and no driver hassles, makes Indamixx an instant audio creation companion.

“I made more music on the Indamixx in one weekend, than I did in a month with my other computer. Whether using the touch screen or hooking up my MIDI keyboard, making music on this ultra mobile computer is just awesome…”
Jørgen Aase – creator of EnergyXT

“With mobility features such as Instant Messaging, Web browser and Skype, coupled with robust audio applications, Indamixx is designed to compliment our customer’s lifestyles, who are as versatile and vertical as the product itself.” “Indamixx has everything to produce, DJ and publish music from nuts to soup; all you need is your headphones!” says Creative Director Ronald Stewart.

The Indamixx touchscreen allows hands-on fader control with group-based automation in the Ardour DAW, as well as beatmixing and pitch adjustment in Mixxx, the digital DJ application.

Indamixx ships with over 350 classic DJ samples and scratches. Also included are custom drum kits produced by Attack of the SP-1200, Battle Filled Sounds, Cheese Beats, Daren Joseph (‘The Whistle Song’),, Marde McFly, Musikmann, Mustafa, Ramses Ja, Salt, Squeek Boogie, and The Bakery.

Indamixx is loaded with professional audio software applications:
energy XT 2.1 – Special Indamixx edition
Ardourino – Ardour 2.4.1 DAW for small screens
Audacity 1.3.5
260 LADSPA Plugins / Effects
Mixxx Digital DJ – Indamixx edition for small screens
Hydrogen Drum machine
Seq24 – ‘Old School’ style sequencer
VST Host
ALSA Modular synth
ZynAddSubFX synth
Rhythmbox music player
CD master – burn CD’s
Audio CD extractor – rip CD’s
Mplayer – media and video player
Rubberband time stretcher
Virtual MIDI keyboard

Stream live and keep connected with vital mobility software applications:
Internet DJ Console – Broadcast your audio playlists.
Epiphany web browser
gFTP ftp client
Pidgin instant messenger
Transmission bit torrent client

Key Software Benefits:
Pre Loaded Software ‘Suite’ with 3 Portable DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) – Beginner, Advanced, and Professional.
No software or drivers to load, just turn on and create music!
Free Updates
Customizable Linux OS

Key Hardware Benefits:
Small Form Factor
40 Gigabyte Hard Drive
Robust 7″ Display at 1024×600
Touch Screen
Built-in Wifi (802.11g)
Ethernet Port
VGA Port for external monitor
2 USB 2.0 ports

File formats: wav, aiff, mp3, flac, ogg
Sample bit rates: 16, 24, 32 at 44.1Khz, 48Khz, and 96Khz

Special Introductory Offer: Individually numbered systems starting at $ 999.00 using coupon code with free Fedex shipping included (free shipping offer, USA Only) July 21st – August 31st 2008 or while supplies last.

Full details of special offer available at:

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