WusikGrooveBox officially released

A Total Groove Solution based on the same engine as Wusikstation. Based on the same audio-engine as Wusikstation, with WusikSND support and all the Wusikstation effects. Right now the product comes with only the Drumillenium set that has 103 SoundSets for a compressed size of 26 Meg. Wusik is working on more sounds and those will be FREE to users who purchases the WusikGrooveBox.

It costs only $ 49.95 USD and comes with the Drumillenium set of sounds. We are working on more sets to be released soon, and free for users who purchased it or who has a Wusik Membership.

Wusikstation V5 users can cross-grade for only $ 29.95 USD, and receive a special Wusikstation V5 GBox version that has WusikGrooveBox integrated. This helps users who already have tons of sounds that can be used with WGBox directly without having to copy files around.

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