de la Mancha introduces Bathtub compressor plugin

Delamancha releases another plugin this week. This one is called bathtub and it is so much more than just a simple compressor. It does multi-band compression, multi-layer parallel compression, series compression, mid/side compression, Left/Right compression, RMS/Peak detection, side-chaining, look-ahead, limiting and maximizing and has comprehensive metering and clip counting.

Bathtub is really 2 flexible and configurable stereo compressors that can be routed to be in series or parallel, can be fed the input signal split into high/low frequencies or full band, and can perform as different styles of compressor, limiter or maximizer to produce a range of flavours and effects. The metering shows you visually what is happening too, so you can see how much compression and gain you are getting

bathtub costs $29 or can be bought in a bundle with erratic2 for $54 (saving $14). If you already own erratic2, you’ll soon get an email with a special offer on bathtub.


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