FXpansion introduce BFD2 JEX Expansion Kit

FXpansion is proud to introduce the first addition to the BFD2 expansion kit range, BFD2 JEX Expansion Kit. BFD2 JEX Expansion Kit features a high-end, custom hand-made kit from XDrum’s Xotica line. The drums feature 6-ply Keller Maple shells with an additional ply of Sapeli Pommele running vertically, resulting in excellent, focused low-end. The finish is hand-applied tung oil, which leads to a very open tone.

Feature highlights include:
* Low-cost expansion kit for BFD2 featuring custom X-Drums kick and toms
* Kick recorded with 2 beater types
* Toms recorded with sticks, mallets, brushes, hotrods
* Kick features Yamaha SubKick mic for extreme low end
* Bonus snare from Jazz & Funk (Ludwig SuperSensitive)

BFD2 JEX is GBP £25, Euro 35, USD $50 for all registered BFD2 owners. BFD2 JEX Expansion Kit is a download only product and is available now from the FXpansion web shop.

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