Image Line Software brings the Sounds of India

Image Line Software, the developer of FL Studio, has released its latest sample collection,
the Sounds of India. This new library contains over 835 samples packed in 1,5 Gb and includes 36 instruments and 2 vocals. The collection covers the foundations of the classic Indian sound – Tabla, Sitar, Shenai, Harmonium and Bamboo Flute, but what makes it really unique is the collection of South Indian instruments as Veena, Ganjira, Maddalam, and rare Indian folk instruments (Edakka, Udukku, Darbuka, etc.) The diverse Indian spirit is further enhanced by sampling sounds from many different temple bells and ethnic percussions.

“The gem of the Sounds of India is the Sitar. Its sound came out more wonderful than expected” said the manager of the project, Indian Music Producer and Audio Engineer Vipin Venugopalan.

The entire collection has been sampled with extreme care and the best performance (out of 4 recorded for each instrument) was chosen. Special attention was paid to the recording environment & sound proofing, that made noise reduction during post production & editing unnecessary.

Every sound was captured without alteration in pitch so sample mapping gives a unique sample for every key. Pitches were recorded in Chromatic Order and sounds from the finger board and the frets were not altered in order to preserve the instruments natural essence.

The Sounds of India will help everyone engaged in music production as Indian sound blend with almost any music genre. “This sample collection is like oriental spices. Once you get a taste for them, they become indispensable!” noted Vipin Venugopalan.

More Asian Instrument sample collections are planned for the near future.

Pricing and availability:
The Sounds of India can be ordered from FL Studio Web shop for US $ 89.

The full list of the included instruments can be found at the website.

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