Spectrasonics Omnisphere update

Only a few days after its initial release, Spectrasonics has already released updates for Omnisphere’s Patch Library and Soundsource Library for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Changes in Omnisphere Patch Library v1.0.1:
* Installs Reference Guide 1.0a.
* Installs Omnisphere Patch Library 1.0.1.
* Adds 175 new Omnisphere patches.
* Updates default multi.
* Fixes loading problems found with Distortion patches from 1.0.
* Fixes broken patches from 1.0.

Changes in Omnisphere Soundsource Library v1.0.1:
* Fixes loading problems found with Distortion soundsources from 1.0.
* Adds more soundsources to Human Voices and Synthesizers categories for Atmosphere patch compatibility.


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