Steinberg new Hardware is shipping

After much anticipation since their introduction at this year’s MusikMesse, the CC121 Cubase Controller and MR816 CSX Firewire Interface from Steinberg are now shipping worldwide.

The CC121 gives new meaning to the word “control”. It is a hardware version of Cubase’s software channel strip and is a 1 to 1 analog of all the controls you use most in the software. With a Motorized Fader, Pan knob, Channel Strip controls, Transport controls, EQ knobs, 4 assignable functions, and an Advanced Integration knob/Jog Wheel, the CC121 is so smart it pretty much knows what you are tying to do before you know.

The MR816 CSX represents the next generation of integrated audio hardware, and is nothing like what you’ve seen up to this point. Absolute Zero Latency, professional quality built-in DSP, and amazing integration with Cubase are only some of the features of this incredible hardware.

The MR816 X is identical to the 816 CSX minus the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strips. If you have your own hardware compressors that you intend to take with you to the grave, this is the unit for you.

Steinberg Hardware

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