The Dream Machine from H.G. Fortune released

H.G. Fortune released their new VSTi plugin called The Dreammachine. According to them it is a completely different VSTi Synthesizer. So what is it and what is it not: It is not a synthesizer to be played like one would usually play like a keyboard synthesizer. Instead is it more a self running machine which can be transposed so this is ideal e.g. to provide backings of complex athmospheres and soundscapes for live performances.

The concept of the Dreammachine is based on very slow running LFO being used for wavesequencing and sound modulations. Thus realtime editing is not as one might expect it. This is a machine for slow flowing motion of sounds.

There are three dedicated parts: Bottom (Bass), Back/Pad and Sparkles providing quite complex athmospheres and soundscapes which is mostly determined by the sequence of waves. Each part has got a 24 step sequencer for waves each with it’s own tempo setting to get more variations among the three parts.

As of the pricing there will be two staged introductionary prices: 1st month the registration will be only 79 Euro, after that till Dec. 31st ’08 it will be 99 Euro and from Jan. 1st 09 it will be the regular price of 119 Euro. This should be enough time for anybody interested to get this one fairly cheap. The registered version comes with 100 waves at each part and is capable to load other sf2 files. Of course the sproken phrases of the demo are in the registered version.

H.G. Fortune

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