iZotope announces iZotope Ozone 4

iZotope has announced iZotope Ozone 4, an update to its software mastering suite. iZotope has updated and expanded Ozone’s processing algorithms, optimizing them for today’s low-latency DAW environments. Ozone 4 features a new Intelligent Loudness Maximizer, Perfect Reconstruction crossovers, mid/side processing for superior control over the sound stage, and a new True Envelope dynamics processing mode. In addition, numerous interface improvements and ease-of-use additions make Ozone even more accessible to musicians and engineers who want to quickly finalize their projects.

Key Features:
* Integrated mastering system combining analog warmth and digital precision.
* New Intelligent Loudness Maximizer mode provides full-sounding masters while handling transients with unprecedented clarity.
* New Perfect Reconstruction crossovers combine analog character with digital clarity.
* New mid/side processing adds a whole new dimension of power to Ozone’s EQ, dynamics and harmonic exciter by letting you process different parts of the soundstage separately.
* True Envelope dynamics processing introduces a new alternative to traditional Peak and RMS-based dynamics processing for exceptionally transparent compression, expansion and limiting.
* Improved and enhanced preset system lets users adjust a few simple parameters to get amazing results.
* Many more interface and ease-of-use additions.

Pricing & Availability:
Ozone 4 will ship in January of 2009 with an MSRP of $249 for Windows and Mac OS X in VST, AU, DirectX, RTAS/AudioSuite and MAS plug-in formats.

iZotope Ozone 4 will be distributed worldwide by M-Audio, and will also available direct from iZotope online. Customers who buy Ozone 3 after October 1, 2008 are eligible for a free upgrade to Ozone 4 when it is released.


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