Linplug updates RM V and Saxlab

RMV has been updated to version 5.0.1. The PC version of RMV is updated fixing a number of bugs and introducing a couple of new features.

– fixed playback of certain loops (not all slices being played)
– fixed bug with layered samples (sometimes samples were truncated)
– fixed output selector of send fx (not being working)
– fixed display bug (pad displays sometimes showing garbage after kit load)
– fixed sync problem with Cubase 4 (when starting song from very first bar)
– fixed ?Sync to Host? switch (being lost upon reload of a song)
– fixed group editing of outputs (routing remains on first output)
– fixed crash of EQ on certain settings
– fixed group edit mode (some controls not working in group mode)
– fixed copy/paste for pads (not working sometimes)
– increased to 64 voice polyphony
– improved kit loading speed with pad mapper being active
– improved user interface open/close speed
– improved shift drag behaviour
– slices are now not triggered upon selection when the loop is running
– improved ?clear kit? function (now initializing all pads)
– filter section GUI reworked
– new switch in matrix section to switch response to MIDI velocity
– new copy/paste function for slice parameters
– new velocity mapping menu for sample module
– new “easy group setting” for slices
– new indicator for currently played slice
– new context menus for available search criteria

When downloading, please note that the manual has been updated too and is a separate download below the instruments download.

– RMV Mac version
Linplug had a beta version of RMV 5.0 for Mac available for a while and would like to thank all customers who tried it and reported their findings. During the next week there should be a new beta and they are still confident to finally release RMV within this Autumn. Linplug knows that they over-stressed your patience and put all efforts into finishing the RMV for Mac as soon as possible.

– SaxLab updated to version 2.0.2
Linplug fixed a few smaller bugs and mainly the ECS (MIDI Learn) not working. The update is of course free and available at the download location mentioned in your license mail.

– Special Price for SaxLab in November
SaxLab is also available at a special price in November, its only 99 Euro (regularly 149) or 129 US$ (regularly 199 US$).


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