Little delay for Celemony Melodyne DNA

Celemony Software announced the updated schedule for the release of the new Melodyne DNA PlugIn including DNA technology. The plan was to release in Fall 2008. As right now we are in Fall 2008 the good news is that the DNA algorithm is up and running smoothly.

According to Celemony themselves±
´For Direct Note Access, we have had to reprogram virtually all Melodyne leaving scarcely two consecutive lines of code intact. We are nearly there; the software runs; but there are still a few things that require work and some road works that are causing delays. We expect therefore that it will be some time yet before all the features have been fully implemented and the program assumes its final form.

At the moment, we are planning to commence shipping towards the end of the first quarter of 2009. Shortly before that, we will inaugurate the Public Beta phase, in which all registered Melodyne users – whether of Melodyne essential, Melodyne uno, Melodyne plugin, Melodyne cre8 or Melodyne studio – are warmly invited to participate and put the beta version through its paces in their own studios. All registered Melodyne users will receive notification by e-mail of the Public Beta phase.´


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