RiffWorks T4 bundled with Line 6 POD Studio Recording Interfaces

Sonoma Wire Works announces RiffWorks T4 guitar recording software plus four RiffWorks InstantDrummer Sessions are bundled with the Line 6 POD Studio family of recording interfaces.

Within moments of opening a new POD Studio interface, musicians can use RiffWorks to easily record ideas and complete songs with drums and effects. RiffWorksÕ InstantDrummer provides access to full-kit drum recordings with a range of intensities and adjustable variation. Four bonus drum sessions by top drum content providers are also included. RiffWorks T4 integrates free online collaboration with musicians worldwide and song posting to the vibrant RiffWorld.com community.

RiffWorks T4 Guitar Recording Software Includes:
* Automatic track creation and loop recording
* 7 guitar-oriented effects
* Built-in online music collaboration
* RiffWorld.com song posting and collaboration community
* “Quick Start” tutorial in 14 languages
* InstantDrummer with adjustable intensity and variation
* Guitar amp and effects plug-in support, including the Line 6 POD Farm plug-in

Bundle Includes 4 Bonus InstantDrummers ($40 Value):
* Bare Bones by Discrete Drums
* Matt Sorum Basic by Submersible Music
* When I Drum Around by Drums on Demand
* RAW Funk Grooves by Sonic Reality

Line 6 POD Studio Interfaces Include:
* POD Farm, the premium tone plug-in
* Over 100dB signal-to-noise, the lowest noise for recording guitar
* Exclusive latency-killing ToneDirect monitoring
* 24-bit/96 kHz compatibility for sonically superior tracks
* Rock-solid drivers
* And tons more

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