Serato launches

Serato Audio Research is proud to announce the launch of the online promotional delivery network,

Developed exclusively by Serato, is a unique system that allows Record Labels to deliver promotional releases directly to DJs. The Whitelabel MP3 format is a high quality format that is tagged with artist and song information, BPMs, and Scratch Live overviews pre-built. These files will play the full high quality version when played in Serato Scratch Live, and a low quality preview in any other mp3 player.

“It’s exciting to launch a service that gives more power to DJs,” explains General Manager, Sam Gribben. “DJs know which records work and which don’t. provides a way for them to get this information directly to the record labels, and by doing so, exert their influence on the music industry.”

The launch sees the arrival of a brand new blog, which will give the latest updates on Scratch Live Artists, discuss new releases from Labels and give an insight into Serato. Another addition to the site is a brand new downloads page, equipped with a new preview player for easier auditioning of tracks.

“This is really a way for us to put the hit breaking potential back in the DJ’s hands,” says David George, Head of Operations at “There are no catches to the service either – you sign up, you download. Feedback is optional, which makes for more honest and useful commentary. We hope that all of our users enjoy the simplicity of the website, and some of the fantastic music has to offer.”


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