Sonalksis Mastering Suite now released

The Sonalksis Mastering Suite consists of a select range of processors providing an intuitive interface and an unsurpassed caliber of audio processing for Mastering Engineers, Producers, and other industry professionals who cannot compromise quality and reliability in their work.

– MultiLimit – Multiband Mastering Limiter
MultiLimit is the absolute pinnacle in mastering limiting, a superior processor for the most demanding user enabling precision control as you rebalance mix dynamics across the entire frequency range.

– MaxLimit – Maximizing Mastering Limiter
MaxLimit, a program maximizing limiter for when you need to push your material or your mix a little further introducing a unique ‘smoothing’ feature which allows direct control over the balance between limiting transparency and volume maximisation.

– StereoTools – Stereo Imaging Processor
StereoTools is a complete stereo imaging, metering and manipulation tool, providing detailed visual feedback of frequency, phase and positioning information. The plug-in has numerous display options which enable precision image monitoring and processing during the mastering stage.

– Ultimate-D – Ultimate Dithering
Ultimate-D is a new paradigm in re-quantization. It combines advanced digital resolution enhancement processing, with an innovative and totally unique interface that uses intuitive parameters, so unlike traditional re-quantisation processors. Supreme simplicity, united with unparalleled quality.


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