SPL announces analog code software

SPL, a well-known manufacturer of analog hardware processors, will present their first software plug-ins on the 125th AES Convention in San Francisco.

The Transient Designer and a series of EQs mark the start for a new era in SPL’s company history. “We are proud to announce that our software design team has managed to transfer the class and extravaganza of our analog processing technologies into the digital domain.” says SPL’s CEO Hermann Gier.

“We always knew that our analog designs have a big potential in the digital domain. Our greatest advantage is that we have developed some of the industry’s most iconic products. Latest methods for the high-precision modelling of their circuit designs give us results beyond pure mathematical approaches. Our new digital products are so amazingly close to their analog equivalents now that we call them The Analog Code™ plug-ins”.

The Transient Designer and a set of three EQs (Vox Ranger, Bass Ranger and Full Ranger, based on the passive graphic equalizers of the SPL RackPack) will be available as RTAS, VST and AU versions. TDM versions are soon to follow. The new SPL Analog Code™ plug-ins debut at the Digidesign 3rd party booth POD 1810.

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