Vienna Symphonic Library Introduces VIENNA SUITE

Once again, the Vienna Symphonic Library team covers new ground, with music software that addresses virtually everybody creating music on a computer. VIENNA SUITE is a bundle of eight advanced, yet easy to use audio processing tools for mixing and mastering. For optimum precision, the plug-ins offer full 64-bit audio processing on all major 64-bit and 32-bit host platforms supporting the formats AU (OS X), VST (OS X, Win), and RTAS (OS X).

Customers who purchase Vienna Suite through January 15, 2009, are eligible to download the all-new and exclusive Vienna Instruments Collection Jazz Drums. Vienna Suite is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to shape a mix using high-end audio tools. Though it
integrates beautifully with any host program or DAW, not just for users of Vienna Ensemble and Vienna Instruments, Vienna users can take advantage of a wealth of included expert presets tailor-made for Vienna Instruments. The download-only product is available at the company’s website for the price of EUR 395. A demo license that lets users test-drive the full version for 30 days is offered here as well, and Video Tutorials provide a detailed look at all of the plug-ins.

Vienna Suite includes eight plug-ins:
• The Equalizer offers silky smooth highs and deep and powerful lows. It includes an integrated 120 band spectrum analyzer and runs with extremely low CPU usage.
• The Master Equalizer provides 3 filter types on 5 bands and additional high and low shelf filters with 2 filter types. The use of 4x oversampling makes internal calculations extremely precise.
• The Limiter sports a real-time input/output waveform display and an auto-mode for transparent maximization.
• The Compressor features modern and vintage algorithms as well as a real-time input/output waveform display.
• The Multiband Limiter offers 4 bands with transparent crossover filters as well as an additional full-range brickwall limiter at the final output stage.
• The PowerPan provides powerful stage positioning of instruments and features real-time audio angular analysis.
• The Exciter offers 4x oversampling, tone-color sliders for mixing odd and even harmonics, and a high frequency FFT spectrum analyzer.
• The Analyzer features a 120 band analog modeled spectrum analyzer, a fast and accurate display of bass frequencies, an auto mode for automatic range management, and a loudest frequency note display.

Vienna Symphonic Library

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