Audio Damage REVerence is dead… long live ADverb

Audio Damage have voluntarily renamed its Reverence plate reverb effect plug-in to ADverb. It seemed another company already had a product with the same name. Audio Damage were able to reach an agreement that was excellent for both companies. The only real issue is that Reverence is one of their more popular products (third in sales behind Replicant and Dubstation), so there were a lot of people that needed to be dealt with.

Some notes as posted at the Audio Damage blog (analog industries):
– While ADverb is internally identical to Reverence, the fact that we use the Steinberg and Apple preset schemes rather than one of our own invention (a situation which will be remedied in the near future) means we can’t trick the preset engines. So you’re going to have to manually copy values if you want to switch existing projects from Reverence to ADverb. Sorry about that.

– ADverb and Reverence are, as far as your DAW is concerned, two entirely different plugins. So you don’t have to worry about conflicts or anything. The registration code you have for Reverence will magically register ADverb as well, and everything will be just fabulous.

All customers are encouraged to download, install, and migrate to the new plug-in, as the original Reverence will no longer be updated.

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