djay 2.2 delivers breakthrough Multi-Touch trackpad control

Algorridim is thrilled to announce their redesigned website and djay 2.2, both of which can be controlled with Multi-Touch gestures on your trackpad. The new djay version now allows you to control virtually every element of its user interface individually through Multi-Touch gestures on your notebook trackpad, including the turntables, all sliders, and even the music library.

Similar to using the iPod’s click-wheel, you can now use rotate gestures on the trackpad to quickly browse djay’s built-in iTunes library and throw a selected song on one of the turntables with a simple swipe gesture. Quickly scrub (seek) through a song using the rotate gesture on a turntable. And of course two-finger gestures allow scratching the virtual vinyl, crossfading between songs and now also adjusting speed, volume and equalizer sliders.

djay 2.2. is a free update for all registered users. Download the new version and go wild!

* And don’t forget to try the two-finger swipe on their homepage (requires Safari)!

Algoriddim djay

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