IK Multimedia T-RackS 3.0.1 Software Update

IK Multimedia has released an update to T-RackS 3, T-RackS 3.0.1. This update offers increased compatibility with ARC System, as well as significant enhancements in CPU usage and bug fixes.

Improvements include:
* Master with ARC: Owners of ARC System are now able to host ARC in T-RackS 3 Standalone mode for room correction when mastering. (Note-user must have ARC System update 1.0.3 installed for this functionality, available free to all registered users of ARC System in their User Area)
* CPU Usage optimizations: CPU overhead has been reduced, especially in the new modules.
* Multicore machines fully supported in OSX: Owners of Multicore Mac systems will enjoy increased stability with T-RackS 3.0.1.
* Spectrum analyzer: Bug fixes with the Spectrum Analyzer’s Average Mode.

This update is FREE to all registered users of T-RackS 3, go to your User Area and download today!

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