Rayzoon releases Jamcussion percussion add-on for Jamstix 2

Jamcussion is the long-awaited hand percussion add-on for Jamstix 2. It is the most complex Jamstix expansion that we have developed so far. Not only does it add a wide range of percussive sounds and new style and player models but it also expands the interface of Jamstix 2 to allow the simulation of three dedicated percussionists, complete with separate bar, song and kit editing.

* expands the Jamstix interface and A.I. with 3 new percussionists
* features its own kit editor, bar editor and brain elements
* 35 percussion instruments covering a wide range of styles and locales
* adds 12 new instrument slots to the Jamstix kit concept
* 26 styles modeling West-African, Latin, Modern and even Middle-Eastern rhythms
* two percussionist player models
* 11 percussion kits, including African, Latin, Darbuka and Udu kits
* 7 quickstart songs
* can be used with the Jamstix A.I., e-drumkits or traditionally via MIDI by the host

Jamcussion is now available at the Rayzoon online store for the holiday discount price of just $59.


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