Tone2 starts Gladiator 2 preorder

Tone2 announces Gladiator2 and has started a pre-order for this updated version of this award winning synth plugin. Customers who preorder Gladiator 2 in December receive a full version of Gladiator 1 and a free update to Gladiator 2. They plan to deliver Gladiator 2 on Christmas.

Improvements and new features:
* Improved sound: “Ultra quality rendering”.
* Many new patches.
* 6,657 additional waveforms.
* HCM3 synthesis engine.
* Phase modifier for analogue, warm, noisy and supersaw sounds.
* 9 new effects: Autopan, tremolo, ring modulator, phaser, flanger 2, super strings, pitch shifter, reverb trance, reverb real.
* 2nd filter (effect section): Lowpass, bandpass, highpass, talkbox.
* 6 new unison modes.
* Additional subosc (OSC5) with 21 new waveforms.
* 256 voices.
* Improved filters, additional Moog filter.
* Feedback-delay module.
* 2 additional envelopes.
* 4 additional envelope shapers.
* Additional LFO.
* Improved mod matrix with 12 slots and new routings.
* Improved random patch generation.
* Improved user interface.
* Pan for each OSC.


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