Koblo updates Nexsyn to version 1.1r16 (DVD installation)

KeyToSound was acquired by Koblo in early 2008, and all support, updates and products have been moved to Koblo. Nexsyn has been re-released by Koblo as an online only product, and has updated the Preset library for this Hybrid Samplebased Synthesizer.

The library are now more accurately categorized and include some great Presets by Pro-Sounds Preset Designers. If you already own NexSyn, you can install these presets to your existing NexSyn preset library.

This update applies to those customers who had previously installed NexSyn from DVD media, and brings NexSyn to version 1.1 r16 on both Windows and Mac platforms. The update includes bug fixes to the GUI, sound engine, and the NetNotes system.

This update is not required for users who have purchased NexSyn via Koblo’s online store since NexSyn’s re-release.

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