Lexicon PCM96/PCM96 Surround Software Update

A new version of the PCM96 and PCM96 Surround software v3.0.1.4 (Macintosh Only) is now released and available for download on the www.Lexiconpro.com website.

The Lexicon PCM96 team has continued to enhance the Hardware Plug-In function to increase the software stability and performance.  Software version has been successfully tested at several different sites and fixes a number of issues, including:

  • Enhancements to make preset loads and session restores work properly in Nuendo
  • Enhancement to Automation (moving plug-in parameters on the PCM96 window now gets reflected in the automation recording)
  • Fixes for several small DSP bugs (error in  bassRt components, multivoice zero pitch shift silence, etc)
  • Fix PCM96 hang when activating streaming
  • Fixes to PCM96 plug-in insertion hangs/crashes
  • Fix to PCM96 session recall hang
  • Fix to infrequent audio dropout when streaming over FireWire
  • Fix to DAW crash when using 2 mono 1 stereo
  • Fix to DAW crash relating to having PCM96 windows open and moving parameters
  • Fix drifting latency bug (latency was occasionally moving around and/or misreported).  It will now remain constant throughout a session

Errata of known issues:

  • In ProTools (RTAS Wrapper), changing a parameter or loading a preset will not tell the DAW that the session needs to be saved.  Moving the plug-in window will trigger ProTools that the session needs to be saved.
  • When switching between sessions of different clock rates without closing the DAW, the latency may be initially reported wrong (this only matters to people using latency compensation). This can be corrected by either bypassing then reactivating each of the PCM96 plugs or by closing the DAW then reopening the session.  Switching between sessions of the same clock rate is not a problem. 
  • ProTools 8 has just been released and has not been fully tested with the PCM96 or PCM96 Surround. Some users have successfully used the PCM96/PCM96 Surround with ProTools 8, but several issues are being reported.





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