Livid Ohm Package Giveaway

In celebration of the great response Livid have had this past year for the Ohm controller with hundreds of users now in over 35 countries, they are giving away an Special Edition Ohm package.

This one-of-a-kind Ohm is made of Jelutong wood with a light blue stain and will be the only one of its kind in circulation. This Ohm is being made custom for this drawing as an appreciation to the community. The drawing will take place on March 16th. The entire package is worth $930 USD and includes an Ohm, a copy of Union and Cell VJ softwares, a Livid T-Shirt, and shipping.

All purchases made from the Livid Instruments website (refills, T-shirts, hardware, software etc.) will be automatically entered in the giveaway, additionally you can enter the giveaway by entering your information on the form here. The winner will be randomly picked on the 16th of March and we will also announce the winner on the lividinstruments website.

Livid Instruments

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