Music ALIVE – Ableton Live Benelux event

Music ALIVE, coming February 15 to the Novel Rotterdam (Brainpark), is a free event and open to every Ableton Live user, from beginners to pros. The afternoon will be filled with Ableton Live recording workshops and juicy artist performances.

Ableton product specialist Dankmar Klein will present a recording and producing workshop and offer a sneak preview of the new Ableton Live 8. Dankmar is a renowned producer of techno and house music and a seasoned performer. DJ Lamont and his new band, Senses Overloaded, will demo Ableton Live 7 together with Resolume Avenue 3. Coen Molenaar (Jan Akkerman and Chris Hinze) will demonstrate Ableton Live 7 on the Open Labs Neko. There will also be surprise artist interviews and product presentations, including JazzMutant Lemur, Resolume, Propellerhead, Ruff and Jam, Earproof, Applescal, Styrofoam, Audio Cube, Interface Magazine, and 365Mag.

When: Sunday, February 15, 12:00-6:00pm.

Where: Novotel Rotterdam (Brainpark), which features a 250-seat main room for product workshops plus five demo rooms with pro-audio clinics and recording sessions. Total capacity is limited to 350 visitors.


Music Alive Event, for more information and to register.




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