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Sony Creative Software, a leading provider of professional video and audio production applications, has unveiled its newly redesigned Web site, the Internet’s premier destination for independent musicians and fans that want to listen to the newest remixes by the creative community. In addition, the Company is introducing ACID Xpress 7 software, a free version based on its leading ACID Music Studio application.

“We are celebrating the tenth anniversary of ACID software by introducing the new website and ACID Xpress 7 software,” said Dave Chaimson, Sony Creative Software vice president of global marketing. “The new features of and ACID Xpress 7 will enable even more people to experience the fun of producing music digitally, making it easier to collaborate and share with the passionate and creative ACIDplanet community.”

Independent artists can now build their fan base on the musician destination through social networking features including artist blogs, personal music stations and music tagging. Through the new features on the Web site, musicians can now interact with fans through onsite messaging, music reviews, fan lists and favorites to build their following. In addition, artists can compete to grow their rankings through remix contests, original music contests or The Duel – a head-to-head music battle with other independent musicians. Music can even be shared with the podcast community when saved as Podsafe.

– Free ACID Xpress Software Available on
ACID Xpress 7 is a free version of ACID Music Studio music creation software, the leading consumer desktop software for original song creation, multitrack audio, mixing, and effects processing. The free 10-track ACID Xpress 7 software can be downloaded from While artists can use any music creation software of their choice, ACID Xpress 7 software allows new users to easily participate in the site’s remix and composition contests.

ACID Xpress 7 software contains new features that enhance remixing capabilities and interactivity with to source content and news. With the new “Show Me How” tutorials in ACID Xpress 7 software, it is easier than ever for new users to get started remixing music, access ACIDplanet news and profiles, participate in contests and even publish directly to ACIDplanet right from the software toolbar.

New advanced features of ACID Xpress 7 include:
* Multiple events per track – Users can now add as many loops or one-shots as desired to a track, so more complex musical compositions can be created. Automatic crossfades between events will allow users to seamlessly tie together different loops and songs.
* Video scoring track – Users can quickly create soundtracks for videos by frame-accurately synchronizing music alongside the video track in ACID Xpress 7 software.
* Inline MIDI editing – Increase music productivity and flexibility with easy-to-see inline event editing. Inline editing makes MIDI data easier to edit and provides quicker access to MIDI events.
* Show Me How interactive tutorials – Sony’s exclusive “Show Me How” tutorials guide users through the entire creative process. Whenever help is needed, just click the “Show Me How” button and choose the tutorial topic.
* news and profile access – With ACID Xpress 7 software, users can keep up to date on news, access their profile, and get free music loop content on with the click of a button.


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